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Oct 7, 2007
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I am taking a portrait photography class. Everyone will be learning skin smoothing and eye pop actions and more in Photoshop. I see there are sooo many different Photoshop choices on the market today. Where is a good place for a beginning photoshop user to start? (which version?)
7.0 is probably better than 5.0, why
CS2 and CS3 are very expensive, is it worth it? I mean can you do things in these that you can't do in 7.0, etc.

Thanks for any advice.

and no.

You might do just as well with Elements or Light Room.

Waiting until the answer becomes more clear to you might be a wise choice. However, if you are a student, aren't there reduced priced Photoshop options for students? If you can get one of those then get as much as your computer will handle. Likely you will only to be able to get the latest and greatest.
Or you can get an older copy of photoshop and buy an upgrade which may work out cheaper.

Generally if you're learning skin smoothing and the such lightroom will be limiting as it is a completely different kind of program.
Photoshop CS3 as a student is probably the best investment you could make at this time.

Also, look into Lightroom. You may be able to get both together for under 300 bucks.

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