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Jan 5, 2009
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I got a used computer from my brother in law that has Photoshop CS on it. It is several years old and today I downloaded the plug-ins to import photos in raw format. I followed the directions and it still will not do it. I noticed on the support page for Photoshop that the Canon XS is not one of the cameras listed as compatable with the plug in. Is there one for the CS version that will accept raw images from a canon XS?
what CS version do you have?...
you should just be able to open the RAW file.

do you have Bridge as well?

from amazons listing for CS
"Integrated digital camera raw file support: get truer, higher-quality output by working with the complete raw data files from most major digital camera models."
It shows Photoshop CS and when it is opening is says version 8.0. I looked at the machine and it looks like it was installed in 2003. So it is an older version.

There is a tutorial page that opens when I open the program and it showed that it opened raw files. The message I get when I try to open one is: "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document"

The photos I took in raw show .CR2. I am sure I am doing something wrong, any help would be appreciated.

All my JPEG images open fine.
im sure someone else will chime in with better advice.

found this with a google search.
brought me to a forum thread.

"you have to update the version of Adobe Camera Raw that you got with Photoshop. Go to the following page and follow the instructions to download and install Camera Raw version 2.3."

maybe give that a shot?

this person's issue was IDENTICAL to yours.
I just did a Google search and it appears that the older versions of Photoshop won't open Raw images from the newer cameras. I am not sure if I can upgrade or will have to go to something else.
That's correct.

Every new camera needs an update to Adobe Camera RAW...which they update a once or twice a year. However, newer versions of 'Adobe Camera RAW' are not compatible with older versions of in your case, with an old version of CS and a new won't be able to open RAW files directly in Photoshop.

You do have options though. You can use the software that came with the the RAW files, make adjustments then save them as TIFF/JPEG/PSD files and open those in Photoshop.
You could get the update for photoshop and move up to CS3 or CS4.
You could get a separate RAW program. Lightroom is great. But there are other options, some of them are even free. Check out RT
There is one additional option. First, confirm that you have the newest compatible Camera RAW plugin, version 2.4. Next, download the newest "DNG Converter" from Adobe's website and install it.

You can now use the DNG Converter to convert newer camera specific RAW images into Adobe's "standardized" RAW format, DNG. Photoshop CS will then be able to read those RAW DNG files with its Camera RAW plugin provided it is version 2.2 through 2.4. This also works with other old versoins of the CS series, CS2 & CS3, when they need to open the newest camera specific RAW flavors.

Using the DNG Converter is an extra step, but on the plus side it is free and it can work in a batch mode to convert whole folders files in one operation.
Ill try that. The 2.4 was the plug in that I started with. I am a total Noob to photography and photoshop but I took some pictures of my kids the other day in Raw/JPEG and was going to play around with them to start learning.
I finally got around to installing the DNG converter and that does not work either. Ill try one of the free programs to start with. Right now Photoshop is a little too advanced for me but I figured since I had it I might as well try it.

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