Pick up my D3 Saturday!


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Jun 30, 2005
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I received a call this afternoon from the dealer where I pre-ordered my D3. He tells me it will arrive tomorrow, they are being delivered from their regional office. :thumbup: When I get the call that it's in, I'm outtahere! I found a PDF of the manual and some video tutorials on Nikon's corporate site. It looks better than the specs elude to. The AF system looks much better than the D2Xs, how that's possible I don't know. But I'm like the little kid in the candy store! Christmas comes a little early this year. :smileys:
I got to use one in a sports photography workshop my school sent me on. I was the first one to get there, and it paid off! The rocky mountain news had one, and since I was first and got my pick of cameras, that's what I got to use.

I just have to say.... ITS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!

Seriously 6400 ISO and NO noise....:hail:

Still, I am going to get some great glass before I get the better body.
I like the D3 as well. If I were a professional, I would be thinking about that camera...
Though the 1Ds would probably be just as good for what I'd use it for...
Wonderful... I'm so jealous... But perhaps I'll be fine if I could see the real life trial pictures... ;)

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