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Dec 28, 2011
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Miami, FL
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Guys, I just made a Flickr account so you all can see my recent photos. Flickr: cnick975's Photostream
Please view them & tell me what you think & also tell me which ones you guys liked if any lol. Keep in mind I am a beginning photographer & plan on getting better from here! lol
Also my photos are okay to edit I know my profile says not too but I am going to change that now.
Probably have better results just posting a couple of the one's you like
trust me I have tried but with no success, can you guide me through it? Everytime I try to upload I get some sort of error message..
I looked through your flickr. They just look like a bunch of snap shots. What were you trying to create with each photo?
I was pretty much just snapping photos nothing fancy, just wanted opinions.
I like the iguana one. The rest, as stated before, just seem like snapshots. You know what I mean? Look up things like frame, composition, etc, etc. There are far more things to a good picture then a pretty flower or animal
yeah I get what your saying. Thanks!
Some of them are pretty good. I like the iguana
yeah the iguana is my favorite lol. Came out the best imo

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