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Mar 28, 2009
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Northern Ontario
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Im new to this forum but i am glad there is such a great resource of info. Ive been serious about photography for about a year now but am looking to improve everyday. I live in Northern Canada in a tiny native reserve working as a paramedic so most of my pics seem to be landscapes. Im really new to the whole post processing stuff so any advice is always appreciated. Heres a few i am proud appreciate any comments or suggestions..

Northern Lights

Hockey Game - Dont know what to do about the lens flare!

Inukshuk from Nunavut Trip
I like em, lens flare-don't shoot into the sun, you'd have been better off on the other side or if not possible try shielding the lens, lenshood or with your hand, flare is basically caused by light bouncing around inside the lens. H
The northern lights pic is definitely a keeper just use some distortion correction on it.

Photoshop has this option.


Very nice job. I like the one of the northern light the best.

To make the pics appear right on the forum just put "
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For the one of the hockey game, you could have stood on the other side, or used expusure compensation. to reduce lens flar, dont shoot at the sun...and when absolutely nescesary to shoot at the sun, sheild it with soemething (a lens hood for exapmple)
Love the northern lights. What did you use for lighting?

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