Never mind.
. . . let's post what we have and concentrate on the good!
That's a sure way to stifle getting any better.

We learn from making mistakes.
If we aren't told what mistakes we're making, we won't learn how to avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly.

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Posting on here isn't going to stop me from learning
We want positive posts so not sure why you want your opinion in here so badly
Please post somewhere else

You apparently only want a pat on the back, then. Well, here ya go:

Good job! :clap:

Now, did you learn anything? Can you tell me what you did right to earn an 'atta boy!'?
Hi Joshjay, and welcome to TPF!

You are more than welcome to post images here without wanting or asking for comments or critiques. However, if you post your shots in one of the regular Galleries, by description those Galleries invite general C&C and/or discussion for what may be improved upon - so I have moved your thread to our Just For Fun section where you can post away.

Most people who join TPF are looking to advance their skill sets. It's fine if that doesn't interest you, but you still need to use TPF and its Galleries in the manner they have been laid out for the majority of the membership. Just For Fun clearly states that no C&C is asked for, while the other Galleries state that general C&C is encouraged.

Keep posting, and have fun!
Good job!


Way to go!

Keep up the good work!

Love it!
The results of telling our kids that they're all "special" and everyone wins and there are no losers and everyone gets a trophy. smh

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