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picture mess up on OLD slr


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May 12, 2006
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I took this picture with my old Miranda SLR(scanned the photo) and I dont know why, but the picture looks nice except that its got this box(you can see where it starts at top and bottum of pictures) of whiteness shadows. It is pretty easy to see even in the thumbnail. I am not sure why this happened. Does anyone know why or what causes this, or have any ideas at all? The only user-related problem I can think of was having the color/metering setting to Off, but I am pretty positive it would not do this, but just make the whole photo look kinda blurry and dark or something like that. And is it possible there is some way in photoshop that someone can make it look better?

This is like the only photo that has this whitness stuff this bad. Some other photos have small little showings of it in the corners, but they are not too noticable. Only a few photo's have this problem, most are totaly perfect.

Help!, thanks much

well, heres the best i could do for trying to fix it...
im not the best in photoshop
Hey Dan,
I will share my thoughts and experience of white shadows and streaks using a scanner. I am just a new kid on the block so remember others will have a better scope of this than I.
I had this happen a long time ago, using glossy photos, the gloss reflected the light back at me, causing the white flashing. I only had to move the photo to a different scan location to get around it then, but think I got lucky. I do not know how to de-gloss a photo for scanning so in that department, am at a loss. So if it is caused by a gloss photo, hopefully moving it around will help, or someone else has a better idea.
I had a similar issue to this once as well, but was not a glossy photo, and I determined that it was actually my scanner, giving up its ghost. I scanned a grey card to see how clean my scanner was operating, and found a lot of white lines (tears) in the image. It wound up being hte power supply was dying, and I just replaced the scanner. Then a few weeks later the new scanner started to white ghost along the edges, and I felt doomed really. But found that I had to move my scanner away from the monitor who was inducing hte fog or ghost by its radiated field.
I hope this is helpful for you and good luck!.
the white shadow is on the actual photo itself, and i can see it on the negative also...sry if i confused you

at 1st id think over exposure or something, but if you look at the white shadow on the bottum and then right below it the picture is perfectly fine
Dan39 said:
the white shadow is on the actual photo itself, and i can see it on the negative also...sry if i confused you

at 1st id think over exposure or something, but if you look at the white shadow on the bottum and then right below it the picture is perfectly fine

Possibly light entering the camera from the eyepiece ?
Try making a picture with it taped-over and see.
o yes that may be the problem, though when i was taking that picture i was looking through the eyepiece, but the sun was right behind/above me and it may of peaked through the top crack

maybe ill do some tests with light going through eyepiece to see if it makes the same effect

in the manual for the camera it said that when using the self-timer if the eyepiece isnt covered any light that comes in can mess up the photo
Another possible explanation is the seals around the camera door are old and allow light to seep in. After you do the eyepiece test, run some black duck tape around all edges of the door and shoot normally. See if the streak is still there. Don't forget though to take the tape off the eye piece first so you know where's coming from, if you shoot on the same roll.
ok thnx guys, i think some light leaked in somewhere. ill grab a roll of film soon and do some tests =]

hopefully its not any of the seals on the camera door, and just the eyepiece letting some light in
Dan, door seals are the easiest to fix. If turns out to be door seals at fault let me know and I'll send you some foam and installation directions so you can do it without spending any money.
Nono! if you scanning glossy prints it will be the light in the scanner reflecting.
I agree with Mitica. Looks like the foam seals around the back film door. If the light seal foam is sticky then its time to change it. Pretty easy to do. Practically every camera in my collection has needed those seals changed. You can also purchase some from "cameraseals.com". They send you enough to do several cameas.

I've used bamboo skewers shaved and cut to my liking as sort of a "soft" chisel to scrap off the old stuff.
ok, lets see about this, well just to let u know now, im only 16, so i havnt had much experience with manual camera's, this camera seems ancient to me lol

if you look at this picture, there is what i think is a seal under where the arrow points, which makes contact around where the X is. this one is not sticky at all but still doesnt look its best. Thats kind of the only place i really see a seal at all. Where I drew the line, noton the bottum of the door but kind of on the top of the lip on the inside i felt something sticky, but i couldnt really see much of a seal at all.


also where the lens goes on, when I take it off, up at the top is what looks like more of the seal material, but it is all faling apart. Oringally when I opened up the camera and took off the lens there were lots of little pieces of it all up inside of the camera, but i blew it out(yea, should be using compressed air, mouisture cant be too good for it)
another pic showing where it is. i drew an arrow pointing to the line exactly where it is.

i think im gonna be wanting those instructions mitica
Did you shoot a new roll of film yet? What is funny is you said that most of the others were perfect. Were they from the same roll of film? Ulness body flex is causing some light to get in. I would think you would get the light leaks consistant from the entire roll of film.

It looks like viewfinder light leak to me.

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