Pictures of Eyes. Any tips?


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Jun 5, 2013
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My son has hectochromia iridun, or in English different colored eyes. I tried taking a few pictures today and this was the best I got. Any ideas for getting rid of the glare? I am going to try a few things tomorrow, but working a grave shift now so figured I would ask. Going to try shading his eyes some and some different angles. Thanks!

020 by ogrefcf, on Flickr
Go inside and shoot with him facing a reflection-free wall. Use gentle, diffuse light to illumnate.
It's not exactly glare, but a reflection of what he is seeing. Look closely and you can actually see your outline around the pupils and the trees, lawn, and building in the background.

Like Tirediron said, the flatter and darker the background (behind you) you can get (dark colors mean they are reflecting less light), the less reflection you will see in the eyes.
Thanks, I'll give em a try tomorrow.
My dad and I took pictures of my 3 year old's eyes a few days ago. We used a small soft box. The room had lights on, but they aren't very bright. Without the soft box, the picture would have been super dark. Got some nice shots. Hope something similar works for you. :)

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