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Pictures too dark? AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm


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Oct 8, 2010
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Roseville, CA
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Very amateur here.. I just purchased a new lens for my Nikon D70s.

I have a AF Nikkor 50mm and now I'm also using a AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm but I'm having problems.

Even when I'm in my room (it is very light) the camera needs to either use flash or move the shutter speed down to 1 or 2 seconds, then it comes out blurry. If I set the settings to how I want, it comes out pitch black.

If you have advice, plz help :( thank you so much
Check both your ISO settings and Aperture. Aperture should be adjusted with a dial on the front of the camera. Lower numbers let in more light. ISO settings can be adjusted by holding a button and using the back dial, or directly through the camera menu. The higher the ISO number, the brighter your picture will be (increases sensor light sensitivity), however with higher ISO numbers your picture will become more noisy. Hope this helps
Also, some of my buddies have D40's, which come with the same lens, and they are able to take indoor photos on default settings
There are no default settings for exposure - as the amount of light changes, so do the settings. Also keep in mind, if you change one, you have to change at least one of the others to maintain the triangle. If you have everything set to 'Auto' (or "Green box mode") the camera will increase the ISO as required to get a decent exposure. What mode are you in, and what are your settings (ISO, Shutter-speed, Aperture)? 1-2 seconds inside a dim room is not at all unusual if you're at a lower ISO.
You can't just set the settings to "how you want" and have a proper exposure.... At least, not unless the "how-you-want" is correct...

If the camera automatically sets the shutter at 1 or 2 seconds, then you either need to open the aperture (smaller f-stop number), or increase the ISO number (light sensitivity), or mount the camera on a tripod.

It comes out black because your settings are not allowing enough light in to the sensor for correct exposure.. It comes out blurry at 1 second because you are not holding the camera steady. You need a tripod for long shutter times..
Put the camera on full auto mode and try it. Step outside and see how it does. That way you KNOW you have plenty of light.

It is possible that something is screwed up between the lens and your camera body that is stopping the camera body from changing the lens's aperature, and therefore it is stuck at the smalllest f stop.

More than likely though it is because:
You say your used to a 50mm, which I would assume is f1.8 at least. You are used to extremely fast glass, working with a 3.5-5.6 is going to be noticeably more difficult in low light.
Well it's most likely because you've been using a f1.8 lens and the 18-55 is 3.5 at 18mm. It doesn't let near as much light in wide open as the 50mm does.

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