Pietzmoor - my favourite swamp area


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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Another scanned print from a photo taken with the Leica M5 and the Summicron 1/2 50mm ... pin sharp as print, suffering from the scanning process as digitalised photo:


It was a clear but quite windy day and the ripples on the water show so nicely on the print...
I really, really want to make a walk through Pietzmoor part of the itinerary of the North Germany Meet-Up, but am having a hard time to find out WHEN it might get squeezed in... you might find it all boring from this photo here, but it is beautiful!
It looks like a great spot for a walk/hike. And the photo is very nice...the ripples in the water, the colours of the grass on that little 'island', the whites of the birch/aspen trunks in the distance, and the waving grass in the foreground all combine to make it a lovely image.

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