Pillow: A Lighting Comparison (Umbrella)

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    Lost an umbrella, so I got a replacement and decided to do a little comparison. This is the setup:

    [​IMG]2016-03-02_02-02-15 by Michael Long, on Flickr

    The flash with the umbrella on it was swiveled and tilted but in the same place when the umbrella was removed. The light aimed up was for fill.

    Here's the bare flash:

    [​IMG]Pillow Comparison: Bare Flash by Michael Long, on Flickr

    Here we have the umbrella shot:

    [​IMG]Pillow Comparison: Umbrella by Michael Long, on Flickr

    Only white balance and exposure adjustments were made to make the images comparable.

    I found it quite interesting how the umbrella almost killed the nasty reflections in the couch itself. Also note the difference in the texture of the fabric.

    I welcome comments and any critique you guys might have.

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