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Aug 3, 2009
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Overton, Nv
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For my final project in my photography class I chose to do pin-ups. I had SO much fun. I love rockabilly and pin-ups. Let me know what you think. Thank you!






first one is the only decent one in my opinion, though i do not find the photoshopping so clean. There is a visible edge to where you probably lasso'ed the model to get that textured vintage vibe background. that's just my guess.

the others, while properly coordinated both wardrobe/makeup and environment, the model poses just looked a little awkward/forced to me. i did however like the natural feel of the last one, but the dirty feet was a red flag.

overall good idea and concept, and the shots were well composed and properly exposed.
I like 'em! This is one of my fav styles of photography so I'm a bit partial.

For #1, she's very separated from the background. Maybe try overlaying a bit of a grunge effect & desaturate slightly so she matches the background better?

#2 is the best of the bunch to me, a nice classic pinup look. If I'd change anything here I'd say a little less space below and more space above.

#3 her pose seems a little awkward, and the crop doesn't seem quite right, but it's close on both accounts.

#4 I'd like to see a slightly different angle so the lines of the hearses body draw you more to the subject, at this angle the landau bar is a distraction but if it were more visible it'd help lead the eye to your model as well as make the hearse more a part of the scene.

#5 you might consider rolling the window down or use a circular polarizer to get rid of the glare.

#6 is a good one to me, only problem there is like mentioned above the model has dirty feet. Clean that up in post & you're golden.

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