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Apr 14, 2011
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I need your expert help if you don't mind. I ordered a cable from Lonnie at Flashzebra to go from my TT5 PocketWizard to my D700 for remote shutter actuation. Here's my prob, I can't find any specific PW video or such that tells exactly how to make it happen.

I think I figured it out, can you tell me if I'm off? I'm a little concerned about blowing it all up

Connections I have:
1) the 3.5mm cable end to the TT5 input where there is an outline of a camera
2) The 10-pin side of cable to the front of the D700

Guessing here to fire it remotely:

I simply set the Pocket Wizards to same chan and the camera to timer using the left "outside knob" and set the timer "menu" to a few seconds and it just works when I trigger it from my PWIIs or TT1?


That sounds right.. but to be honest with you.. I have never done it.. just looked into it. There are those here with a lot more PW experience than I have.. and can probably answer the questions better. I use my PW's a lot.. but usually don't use remote camera actuation. I believe the tt5 has to be in basic trigger mode.. not TTL.. which can be done with the setup utility.

Here are some links you might find handy.

PocketWizard® - Remote Camera Trigger

PocketWizard® - Basic Trigger Mode
PocketWizard to N3 connector?
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