Pink Flower

Edit: I can see the photo now. I really don't like selective color. It has a place somewhere, but its a very small place where most photos don't live. That said, don't take it personal, it just is what it is. I do like the shallow DOF.
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Okay... you've discovered selective colour, you've tried selective colour, now, please forget all about it and let us never speak of it again!
I like the photo but like other says ditch the selective color. In my opinion it would look better if you were to just get a solid focus on the flower you want which would give a slight blur to the other. I think that would give you the same attention to the foreground that you seem to be seeking with this shot.
Here's one I did lately which is what Im talking about...

DSC_0020 by mshipman89, on Flickr

Heres one without selective color but has the background colors faded to draw attention to the foreground...

DSC_0024 by mshipman89, on Flickr

Hope this helps :)
I completely understand I can guarantee that will be the last time I ever use selective colour! thanks everyone :)

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