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Oct 23, 2015
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Hi, anybody know what's causing this? I'm getting colored pixels when I denoise my images with MacPhun's Noisless Pro. I can see them at 400% zoomn of the sky in the attached image. I want to print large prints, will it show or is it just visible on my screen. Maybe it's my sensor (D800) or my lense Nikon 17-35 2.8D? Thanks for your help!
Have you verified that they're not present prior to using the noise-reduction software? If they're not, that pretty much eliminates everything from the camera side, and means it's almost certainly a processing artefact. Is it always present with a certain colour, ISO, or ?
Thanks for your insight. Everything's fine is PS, so yeah it must be the noise reduction software because it's present in every photo I denoise some worst than n others. I have contacted their support, still waiting for an answer.
As an aside, basd on the file name of the example image, I suspect you're not helping your own case. .jpg is a lossy image format, that is: each time you open a .jpg image and save changes, you lose a little bit of data. Ideally, you would be working with either .tif or .dng in PS and only converting to .jpg for display once all of your processing is done.
Viewing at 400% is asking a lot. I brought up in PS CC, a photo that I scanned at 600dpi and at 400% you can see occasional lost pixels. That file has been in .tiff the whole time.

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