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Feb 17, 2010
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Please. I havent been to my schools botanical gardens since last spring; it's cool to see what summer has done to the place. I usually spend quite a bit of time there during the school year, because it is pretty and fairly quiet. Plus, in the winter there is literally no one in there, and I'm kind of antisocial sometimes. :lol:

I have a bunch, of course, but I will limit it to 5. You're welcome. :)

1. (I know there are blown out areas on the edges of the pods. Just tell me what else is wrong with it.)


Now, these last three... I have been seized by an odd desire to do some heavier, more in-depth processing lately. I'm not sure why that is, it's not like I have time to be doing this or anything.... Here is one of my experiments, done on these three photos.

3. This one is a fairly tight crop, so it has some issues already.

4. This one looks interesting as a thumbnail (in my perspective), but I'm not sure how I feel about it at a normal size. I might have overdone it...

5. This is the first one I did like this, and ironically I think it turned out the "best". Shame, because I like the color of #4 better. Ah, well. Maybe they both suck, and I just can't see it yet.
I'm assuming you blurred the backgrounds in post? If not it really looks like it... It just doesn't have the same feel as bokeh.

1. I don't like how the top and bottom of the leaf are blurry (the very edges). There is also a lot of dead space at the bottom.

2. Like it. It almost looks as the bottom twig or whatever it is; is falling to the grounds.

3. The blurr on the left ruins it for me..

4. What were you trying to here? It all looks blurry and out of focus..

5. I can see what look like post editing blur marks around a few of the of the thin sticks (the two that are most near the middle of the picture especially)..
Thanks for the feedback! :)

The bokeh parts are sooc in all the pictures. The "post editing blur marks" are blots of color (I did this in the last three, plus a few other things) that I added on a layer after I did normal pp stuff, like cropping. I'm just sort of doing what I feel at the moment, as experiments. One of these times it'll turn out nice. :)

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