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Apr 19, 2009
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I just stumbled upon this site, and find it to be great! I have been messing with photography for a little while now and was wondering if you all could look at some of my photos and tell me how I'm doing. Some are with a Canon S3 IS and others are with a Canon Rebel XT DSLR. I have used some photoshop on these too. Thanks for any feedback. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills!

You got a lot of shots here, but I'll give you a quick thought for each.
1. Nice concept but if your subject is the swing, you should have that in focus, not the tree.
2. I like old textures, but the composition of this shot doesn't draw any interest.
3. I kind of like it, and want to like it, but something doesn't feel right about it. I don't mind the desaturated look but the balance of the photo feels off.
4. I love the color and texture of this. My favorite part of this is the top of the frame.
5. Not that interesting, and the off kilter horizon isn't helping it.
6. We tend to see a lot of stop sign shots from this angle but this one is pretty cool because of the desaturation of the color whether it be natural or not.
7. A bit underexposed and power lines in shots don't usually add much to the composition.
8. Pretty cool shot, don't mind the crooked framing here.
9. Way too much emphasis on the ground.

Anyways, nice set of shots, keep 'em coming!
I really like the swing and the two building shots. Angle is a bit extream for my tastes on the basketball hoop and the stop sign. Good stuff!
Make sure you got some space between your pictures or hit Enter after each image so that they all don't run into each other...right now it looks like a pano on acid.

None of these really do much for me...they all seem kinda random. The picture of the old door, electric meter and mailboxes has the most potential.
Make sure you got some space between your pictures or hit Enter after each image so that they all don't run into each other...right now it looks like a pano on acid.

Dont worry I made the same mistake:lmao:

Looks like you have potential! The last shot has a nice low angle whish gives a diffrent aspect to what we are used to seeing so well done for that though next time try to fill the shot with the car as its to far away I think.

I love the barn door shot though I would crop it down a little from the top to get rid of the edge of thr roof and also crop it in from the right a little to get rid of the half a box which is a bit distracting.

I like the point of view on the stop sign and how you slightly desaturated it good shot.

On the dragon fly shot you should try to get as close to the insect as possiable asagain it isto faraway.The rest of your shots are snap shots but there is nothing wrong with that as failing is the only way to learn.My advice to you woud be from now on concentrate on improving your composition (how the photo is arranged).Just have a look at some of the photos in here and look at how they have captured certain subjects.Try to incorperate that into you photography.I wouldnt worry t much about photoshop yet just do the usual,touch of sharpening and a bit of contrast untill you start to learn how to compose a shot,also dont be affraid to ask questions after all the only stupd question is he one that is not asked.

I almost forgot.You nee to learn the rule of thirds,I could try to explain it but Id probably mess it up :lol:.Ill come back in a moment to tell hat the rule is.

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