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Apr 12, 2009
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How does this one look?

There are a few things that I notice about this photo:
1. The fox gets lost in the trees, there's nothing about the fox that isolates it from the background (color, lighting, focus, etc.)
2. The focus looks a bit off, like it's set to the snow just before it.
3. The central placement of the fox makes the photo boring. Use the rule of thirds to create interest or even just a tighter crop.
4. There is a power pole in the background on the right. When shooting nature/landscape, try to remove all man-made elements that don't contribute to the photo.
5. The color is a bit flat.

Hope these things help, the photo is not great but it won't take much work to make it better!
I think it's a good shot of the fox, but the background is too busy. My eyes aren't really sure where to look. It should be a pic of the trees or the fox, not both.

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