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    I am in the haz mat response business and we do a specialized service for tanker trailer trucks and other large flammable (fuel-gas-acids) free liquids that are being released by a compromise to the tank or they need to be off-loaded at the scene of a crash or other emergency. I need 2 video cameras that are waterproof to be worn by my personnel on scene or tripod filming of these events. Mostly for documentation as well as live streaming to an off-site expert when and if additional directions and comments are needed to guide us or assist us with procedures, which is frequently.
    I do not know about video cameras and thought I would post this. I researched the GoPro5 and seems I can interface with live streaming (?) and other similar things. Unless I misread the specs and reviews? The price I have on Amazon is about $500 each with accessories, head and chest mounts, tripods, extra batteries and chargers, etc.
    Can anyone comment if this is the best all-around waterproof outdoor video for the money, say $500 range with the primary purposes to let someone see, live streaming, what we are doing and when directions are needed?? Thanks, hope to get some comments.

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    Sony FDR X3000.

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