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Aug 27, 2012
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Orlando, FL
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I spent an hour trying to remove that one lady and it looked worse that the original.

If you could please remove her that would be great.

I dont notice the stroller coming in to the frame AS MUCH as the lady, but maybe with her gone I will, so if that is easy for you do that would be great.

Also I cant tell if it is distortion or just crooked, but something doesnt look straight to me.

The reason why this photo is important to me is because normally there would be 30 people in the way, I got lucky with so few.

Thank you very much.

1-person-1-stroller by Parker219, on Flickr
What image editing software do you use?

If the camera was pointed up any you got keystone distortion.
Or, you got barrel distortion from the lens you used.
Photoshop Camera Raw, Lightroom - have a lens distortion correction feature.

Using the selection and Clone tools it should only take a few minutes to remove the woman.

Quick and dirty, and I only used the Clone tool:

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^ Photo Toolbox
I used Photoshop CS 5's Clone tool and the Clone Source panel.
In the Clone source panel I angled the vertical window support clone source -3° to match the distortion of the original.

This is what the Clone tool options look like in CS 5:

ok yes, I really need the correct software, because since you saved my photo, worked on it, re-saved, re-uploaded, I can tell there is a loss of quality. While the cloning looks good, the detail in the builiding straight ahead, and the top of the buildings look like the quality dropped off.

Oh and yes, now the stroller coming in to the frame bothers me, because with the lady gone it is so very close to having no people/objects in it.

If someone wants to take a stab at helping my original, that would be great.

Thank you
Another way to deal with "problems" of this nature is to wait until the woman has moved on, even just a few feet, and then take a second exposure. Layer one over the other and simply 'erase' the top layer where she is and *Presto* all better. This is a great technique for dealing crowded tourist-type areas.
Every time a JPEG is saved the 'lossy' compression gets done again.

Plus I saved my edit at a very low Quality setting (2) so the compression was even more severe.
Yes, the problem with layering is this was handheld. I knew I would be walking around the park all day, and didn't want to carry it.
Anyone else want to try?
Ok, well I am still looking for a nice edit on this photo. If you edit this for me, send me a PM so I get an email, since I dont want to miss it.

Thank you
I recommend you re-shoot the scene. If you're concerned with people being in the shot, I bet there is no one in that square just before sunrise.

From the strong orangeish color cast in the scene, it looks like the majority of lighting in the square is tungsten light, so I recommend you take some test shots using the tungsten/incandescent white balance setting on your camera.
Yes, the problem with layering is this was handheld. I knew I would be walking around the park all day, and didn't want to carry it.
If you REALLY want this shot, and want it without people, just put in the effort to get it right.

Take a tripod and a remote trigger, set it up, shoot multiple images, and then put a few together as layers in an editor like Photoshop, and mask your way to the perfect image without people.

Some advice from Mr. Miyagi:

Either you DO photography: Yes. Or you DO photography: No. You do photography so-so? Squish! Just like grape!
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That's about the best I want to do...


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I took the edit by honema and just straightened it by cropping off a little from the edges. It made the flowers a little bit crooked, but the building in the back is straight.


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