Please help me decide what camera I need!

Discussion in 'Digital Discussion & Q&A' started by jfraser, Oct 13, 2008.

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    I am new here and am in the process of deciding what DSLR camera to buy. I used to want a D-40 when they first came out and couldn't afford it. Now that I have been saving up there is a zillion new versions.

    I'm having a hard time deciding between the Canon XSi, Canon XTi, or a newer version of the Nikon D-40.

    Right now it would just be used for family photos, taking pictures of items I sell online, outdoor photos and such. I would love a really nice and professional camera before my husband and I have our first child.

    I would eventually also like to take photography classes so I think one of these would be great for that.

    I've seen some great package deals on Amazon and ebay and have about a budget of around $800. I would love any insight on some of these cameras. I don't know if I need something with a higher MP like the Canon XSi for the types of photos I will be taking.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS I keep seeing a Canon EOS Kiss X2 (a.k.a 450D Rebel XSi) on ebay. What is this? A knockoff version?

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    Well the starter bodies on the market are almost all the same with what they offer to you - so the best advice is to try them out in a store - see how they feel in your hands and how the controls are - with feature being similar its down to ergonomics.
    The only other big deciding area is lenses - since most photographers spend far more on lenses than they ever do on a body - so if there is a particular area (or several) that really spark your interest then picking out the right lenses and seeing which company makes the best for your needs is another way.

    the Kiss X2 is not a ripoff, but the Japanese release name of the Rebel series cameras - so if you order one expect it to be the same as the US variations, but often with the wrong language of instructions and power adaptors ;)
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    I am a beginner currently taking classes. I purchased the XSI and love it. I plan on sticking with the body for now while I save up to get much better lenses. A good lens can last for years, without the manufacturer making an upgraded model. Not the same for bodies.

    Good lens, entry level body will yield better results that an entry level lens with professional body.

    As someone pointed out, at the entry level, they are all very similar. Go to a store and try them out.

    Canon’s Rebels are nice entry level cameras. XT became XTI became XSI.

    Here is a neat article that compares the XTI, XSI and 40D

    Sounds like you are looking for portraits and landscapes, so I don’t think you will need a telephoto lens. So the ones that go up to 200mm and higher are not what you are looking for. Looking at the 3 cameras, well, the differences between them are not going to make a big difference for you.

    Ex from the article link: The 40D has a max shutter speed of 1/8000 while the Canons have 1/4000. This will be handy for action shots. I can’t think of what I would have used a 1/4000. Not as an amateur taking landscapes and family photos.

    The XSI has a live view feature where you can use the LCD screen to see your picture. Its not a huge thing, as find that I take better pictures and have better control using the eye piece.

    Canon vs Nikon…comes down to price and availability. Both are great. Its preference really.

    Hope this helps..

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