Please Help! Old Digital Back Question


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Jan 19, 2012
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So, a co worker of mine recently found a in-mint-condition Nikon N8008s with a Kodak DCS-200 Digital back.

The issue is that the Digital back is SCSI 25 PIN female and I do not have any cables for that. Further, I have no ports for that on my PC.

At first I thought I could buy a male SCSI cable to USB and just transfer it like it was no problem, but people have told me that's not possible (Drivers, etc). I see some SCSI cards that are PCI on the web, Adaptec AHA-2940UW UW-SCSI Controller Card (Refurbished) | -- I also dug deep and found a version of the drivers that enable that card to work on Windows 7 (Another hurdle).

My other issues is if that adapter is even the correct 25-pin type I need. I'm really hoping a total expert who maybe uses old SCSI digital backs can offer some sort of solution or simpler work around. Thanks!

Image of the camera and digital back.

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