Please Help.. Studio/strobe Light always flickering..

Discussion in 'Lighting and Hardware' started by kinoyphotos, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Hi everyone, i want to ask.. why my studio light always flickering even i have turn off the power..
    its flickering when i set to auto or turn the power off... but when i use in 25% or 100% power it runs normally..

    that causing i cant use flash function.. only normal light >.<

    anyone have the solution, please help..

    Thank you so much.

    this is the video for my trouble in strobe light..

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    I use to have trouble with old White Lightnings that acted similar if the cord between the strobe and pocket wizard became damaged - never saw the damage, as I imagine it was a loose wire within the casing, but if I swamped out the cord it fixed the problem.

    How are you triggering the strobe? have you tried a different (new) sync cord seems like a short somewhere triggering your strobe. The other idea is to put black tape over the slave to see if that has a short in it and just use a sync cord.

    just some ideas to try.

    edit: wait this only happens when you turn off the strobe? at 75% it works normal? Sounds like the short could be in the capacitor releasing it's stored energy. If a new sync cord doesn't fix it you might need to have an electrical technician work on the light for you.

    Capacitor's store energy so be aware before working on it yourself even if its unplugged

    If this only happens when on auto, just don't use auto mode :confused-72:
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