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Mar 17, 2009
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My cousin is getting married in August. They are getting married outside in gardens. I am not a professional and I have NEVER done a wedding! I told her this, but she refuses to take no for an answer. I have never taken a photography class, and everything I know is just from practicing. I have the XTI and my husband has the XSI. We also have a small image stabilizer lens, and 300 (something) lens! I really don’t know any lingo or what this stuff means. I just need a lot of help! Please don’t think I am trying to be a Professional, I am just in this situation and I am trying to learn as much as possible and make it the best I can. I need to know everything. If you are a photography teacher, or love to help people. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Hmm, it would be difficult to teach you "everything" about photography.

It would be better if you had specific questions that we can answer.
How can I make outdoor pictures look natural without shadows, do I need an attached flash, and how do I use that?
How can I make outdoor pictures look natural without shadows, do I need an attached flash, and how do I use that?
Click on the 'Flash Photography Techniques' link in my previous post. The guy who owns that web site is a wedding photographer who uses on-camera flash in a way that makes it looks like no flash was used. You can see some samples here.
I really like those shots, they are very nice. I am going to practice this weekend outside. I have a cheap add-on flash that is just plastic. Do you have any ideas of what I can shoot for practice? Also what settings should I put my camera on?
I was "conned" into the same situation many years (when I was a photographer for the Air Force). I mainly shot "grip & grins", newspaper stuff, official record portraits and aerials. My "best friend" asked me to shoot his wedding. I read him all the normal disclaimers trying to scare him out of it, but he wouldn't have any part of it. So the day came, and I can tell you for a fact, I was more scared, paranoid, sweating, and in general crazy than I was on my own wedding day! I LOVE photography, but I'm not cut out for weddings! I have great respect to the wedding photogs on here!

Good luck, hope you make it through the day, and make sure you show us some of the shots if the bride is ok with it!
Welcome to the forum.

Maybe you should try harder to convince you cousin to hire a professional. This is, after all, a wedding...and they are supposed to be 'once in a lifetime' events. If there is ever a time to spring for a photographer, this is it. Then you can enjoy the day as a guest.
I have tried, and she gets really upset when I try to talk her out of it. I am willing to put some major hours in to practice, but I just need some basics to start with.
you've got a very steep learning curve on your hands, I really would just flat out refuse if I were you, wedding photogs really do earn the £1000+ they charge for a days wedding.
If you don't have them already, I would HIGHLY recommend you and your husband invest in a couple of Canon Speedlite 430EX or 580EX; one for each camera. Then start studying the link Samanax provided entitled, Flash Photography Techniques
Where does Samanax store that box of links?
Where does Samanax store that box of links?
In the Google box.

Actually I have a lot of web sites already bookmarked from when I first got into digital photography 15 months ago and have been adding to it any time I come across something new. And I bookmark any good web site that others provide links to.
Buy some more Flash Cards for you camera.....

Take hundreds of photos....don't be shy...just quiet and discreet.

Take plenty of shots before hand where you think you might be.......then check and double check your exposure..

In the end, load everything up on discs or flash drives and let them pick a few (negotiate this beforehand) that you will process further.........let them do the rest...

Don't let this give you is their choice and the outcome should not rest solely on you ...........;)
Thank You for all of your helpful comments. I like the effect in pictures where you are focused on the eyes and everything blurs outward from that point, what do I need to get that effect?

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