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Mar 8, 2007
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Ok, thanks for reading!
my problem is, i would like to sell my sony a100 becasue i'm trying to upgrade to the a700. I have no idea what to put my price on the a100 at though. I'm selling it body only, with the strap of course, body cap, manuals and everythign , but i dont know where to look to figure out how much its worth. I looked on ebay and all the cameras on there seem to be new ones. The camera is in great condition with almost no dings or scratches on the body (theres like one tiny one if i remember correctly)
so anyway, if anyone knows where i coudl get a pricing on this, or knows how much they go for used.
I was thinking between 400 and 500 dollars. The price for a new one is 599 body only.

also, if anyone wants to buy it, i'm open to discussion as well!
thanks in advance everyone, i know this forum will pull through!:hail:
ANY advice would be great. I hate asking other people to help me out because then YOU actually have to do some work. I'd rather figure it out myself but i just dont know where to look.
Actually there are a few completed sales on eBay that I checked and a Sony A100 with lens sold for $441. Hope this helps.
yeah, thanks that helps a little, i'm going to be selling it without the lens though as right now the 18-70 is kind of my go-to lens for group photos for yearbook and i'd like to keep it, but thanks, i could consider getting rid of it if it'll help bring more money i suppose
Maybe this isn't an option but maybe it is not worth selling it but better to keep as a back up?

I looked on ebay and I think that $400-450 is what you should aim for. Maybe you will get more maybe less but thats what I would aim for, considering it is used and assuming that it is more or less flawless.

Thats my two cents, hope it helps.

Oh also check
The A100 body is worth 350 to 400 pending grading of usage. The 18-70 kit lens is worth about 50.

The 700 is a nice body to go after. Many improvements on AF and tracking in low light.


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