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Jan 24, 2006
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I purchased a circular polFilter and used it today... Now as I was looking at the pictures I took I noticed that almost all of the pictures have blue spots in the dark parts...Does anyone have an idea why this happened? I used the polfilter together with anuv filter but have read that this combination would be ok...
I just removed the Polfilter and took some more shots, but these blue pixel still appear in the black parts of the pictures...Now I fear that somethings really wrong with my camera... It really worked fine until today...
could it have anything to do with PSC2?
when using the raw program of PSC2 i get these blue spots, when I save the pictures as jpegs and view them in PS the spots are gone...
when I view the pictures in zoombrowser as RAW files there aren't any of those spots...
coudl it be that something in PS isnt working? I never had this problem before...
or is it my camera?
Do you have a different lens that you could put on the camera? If so try that. It could be the lens that is causing the blue spots, maybe there is some kind of film on the lens.
I really come to think that it has to do with Photoshop... When I'm viewing older pictures the same thing happens even though before they were fine...
spako i only use elements 4 but there should be a button which says shadows if you have that checked it does produce blue elements.
If you've just bought the camera/lens I'd go to the vender and ask for a new piece. Don't compromise. The equipment is too expensive and flaws might spoil for you the photography experience. It's not worth it..
:lovey:Thank you alanH!
I really appreciate your help, it was just as you said!
Thank you again! I was really worried!:lovey:

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