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Jan 12, 2006
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Could someone please explain to me what these polaroid back thingys are that you fit on your camera. Are they as good as people say? what type of image do they produce?

Anything you can tell me really would be great as I know very little on this subject at the moment and im a littl econfused.

Thanks all:) :)
i have one for my medium format camera bronica sqa i use it for light tests and they are fun just to fool around with
should I get one though, how do I use it? Would i benefit?

Sorry for all the questions.
mrboontastic said:
should I get one though, how do I use it? Would i benefit?

I've got 3 ordinary 120 backs for my Bronica, I have no plans to get a Polaroid, and I don't expect that my photography will suffer for it.

For an amateur photographer I can't see that they are of much practical benefit (e.g. for checking exposure) because you are going to be shooting the scene on another film that isn't Polaroid and has completely different characteristics. But if you already own a medium format camera and you want to play around with Polaroid, then why not?

The whole point is to preview and check your exposures (as stated above) on Med. and Large format cameras. Most pros I know that use Med. and Large format use them. Even some portrate 35mm shooters use the standard polaroid cameras then thier 35mm.

Yes they are fun.

The preview on the Digitals have basically mooted them for the future.

Personally, if you have a DSLR, and a Med. or Large format, guess what...
Use those instead of the polaroid. They are adjustible, whereas the Polaroid typically dosent come in a large range of speeds.

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