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Sep 30, 2005
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Let me explain the situation:

I own my own television advertising production and design company. I only run the business and rarely work behind a video camera. I bought a 350D for my own personal use and many times take it to our commercial shoots just to snap around. We were working with a particular client and I happened to get a shot that they absolutely loved. The only problem was that the front of the police car is cut off. I don't know if it is possible, but if anyone has the skills to create the front part of the car, and make it look like a full picture, I would be most grateful.

With that said:

I am extremely new to photography and do not know if it would be illegal for someone to do this for me, or if there are any procedures I would need to go through. I am not selling this picture to the client, I am just giving it to them. (They are one of my best clients and spend enough with us for me to justify giving them a shot or two with a still camera) I would be more than happy to give you all the credit on the fix if you would like.

So can anyone help me fix this shot?


Can anyone explain to me the procedure for having someone else fixing a picture?

Thanks Everyone,

To do it well it is several hours work, i would start by enlarging the canvas to the left of course. If you can find the same type of car then take a picture of it at the same angle, if you cant then select the right hand side of the bonnet and lights, copy into a new layer, squash distort and rotate as closely as possible and then use the clone tool to literally paint a new left hand side (a couple of hours) dodge and burn till the lighting is right, copy the background to a new layer and move it to the left and delete most of it so as the road and trees fill up the left hand side, not as much work as the car but a fair bit. Sorry to give a full tutorial would be pretty time consuming too, but hopefully it gives an idea of whats needed.

Do you have any more shots of the car.... preferably one with the a different pose that you wern't happy with... but has the whole car in the shot?
Thanks Tim -

I'm fairly incompetent when it comes to PS. I didn't know if it would be an easy fix or not. It might be easier just to go out and reshoot the shot.

You would need a shot of the whole car in the same exact angle. There is no need to do the whole shoot over, just get a shot of the car at the same angle and location doesnt matter as long as the lighitng is similar. Then you can mask out the rest of the image and fix the lighting. I would be happy to do it for you if you can get me a shot of the car at the same angle. [email protected]
I rarely check this forum as you can see. I jus tsaw that someone needed some ps help.
Wow. I actually have the shots from the exact same time (just seconds later) with the whole car. I would greatly appreciate your help on this one.

I will try to get you those shots later this evening.

Thats great, much much easier, and really good to see people helping each other like this, if you are lucky the background and lighting match up as well.
You could just increase canvas size past the second shot over the first as a new layer and delete what does not fit on the top layer with a soft edge eraser :).

You probably thought of this already but it might be easier just to crop it so the car doesn't have most of its nose in the picture. It also gets rid of the sign by the front of the car. Just a thought :er:

Here is the finished product for anyone who wants to see it. Ben gave me another shot of the car from a similar angle and I had to take the front of it and put it on the original. This part took me the longest as it was much more difficult than I anticipated. I had to match the colors and paint in some of it to match the perspective of the original. Secondly I removed both signs from the picture and some gray clouds that were hovering at the top of the image. The original is at the toop of the thread for all to see also.
Thanks Fabian
Really nicely done :). Isn't it always like that? everything for me takes longer than i think it should... but you cant see the join and nice the sign went, perhaps the fencing should have gone too? How big is the original image, large neough for the client to print it nicely?


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