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Mar 18, 2009
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In a previous thread (before it got locked) someone mentioned the only thing the pop up flash is for is for a trigger. My question is how would this work? In my eyes the popup will flash signalling a remote to flash but this is still using the popup flash no?? Someone help a noob out?

I didn't see the other but I assume the person meant that some external flashes can be triggered by the light from the pop-up flash.
Yes, the other flashes will "see" the light from the pop-up flash and fire. They will be bright enough that the pop-up flash won't "mess up" the picture.

...Very basic explanation, but you get the idea.
^^^ just adding to Josh's comment a bit... the external flashes will tend to overpower the built-in flash, though the built-in can and does contribute a small amount. I usually crank the power way down on the built-in just to be sure.
Sometimes the pop up flash will cause a little catch light in the eyes of someone, and this may or may not be wanted. But there should be a way to have the pop up flash fire but not simultaneously as the shutter and you will not see this annoying catchlight.
The pop-up flash is also useful for fill-flash when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.

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