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Feb 4, 2010
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Some actions shots from my nephews game today

bump, i would love some feedback
I like what you have captured in the first two photos.

1. The small guy is surrounded with no where to go. The color and crop are good. The prey is snatched.

2. The eyes of the ballcarrier shows the emotion of being chased with the open field in front of him... mob just trying to catch him.
The side show is his blocker coming up on a pursuer...another little guy ready to attack.

Good job.
thank you, i am looking for feedback. i want to get into sports and motorsports so i really need feedback from others so i can improve. thank you very much i do appreciate it.

FYI - my goal was to shoot these for a local newspaper. Shots 3 n 4 are perfect for "john smith takes a snap during sundays game" and "coach smith talks with john smith during sunday's game".
Maybe think of getting as low as possible with some shots. The angle is different, and may even make them look bigger. Also, get closer and capture more face/emotion shots.

What lens(es)/camera are you using?

...sorry, I just noticed you have them listed.:er:
thats part of the issue is that i used the quantaray for those shots. im in the process of buying a 70-200 f2.8. that lenses will be more crisp and focus faster. i had some good shots but they came out blurry. i wanna say at 300mm the lowest i saw the aperture is 5.6??? it will be nice to get 2.8 at 200 when standing on the sidelines.
What was your S/S in the first shot it looks a bit slow
I shoot a lot of rugby and always get low on my knees see the different in angle

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