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Jul 9, 2003
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Sydney, Australia
Ok, firstly, I love the forums. It really does seem to be developing into a nice little community.

But after being logged in for about 3 hours this morning, replying to a few posts and such, I closed my browser for a reboot, opened it back up, loaded the forums, and I got a small popup window.

Now this makes no difference to me, cause the JavaScript that it was trying to run was broken in my browser (Opera 7.1). But I opened the forums in IE and the popup popped itself up. I let it chug away for a while and a Gator installer appeared.

I'm not sure how many of you are aware, but Gator has in its time put some particularly nasty spyware onto the web.

I've got nothing against this board recuperating costs from bandwidth and the like, but these popups is sorta where I will draw the line.
Hey, as much as I want (need) to make a little money from advertising to help cover my expenses of running the site, I have no intention of pushing extra ads in your face! :)

Just remember to be kind and click an ad every now and then! 8)
Chase, I've seen a lot of forum owners open a paypal account and place a link on the forum to donate if one is so inclined.

Just a thought.
I've thought about it, just kind of feel funny about it in some way.

I'd almost rather see people donate prizes for our contests than send me money.

Don't get me wrong, my goal is for the site to pay for itself (so money is a good thing), but I'm not concerned about making a profit.

the paypal donation link really is a good idea for a variety of reasons. you provide a great service here and it is obvious to me that people not only appreciate it, but also learn as well.

i serve on the board of directors of an art organization. as such, we are a non profit entity. all revenues are targeted to the expense line to bring us to break even; the rest of it goes back to the members in various forms. i know that the members would rather contribute to the organization and allow it funnel the excess back in the form of prizes, venues, etc. instead of throwing it into a pool for prizes that are ultimately for themselves.

what you are doing is appreciated and you are trusted to do the right thing with any revenue (cover expenses, offer up the prizes, etc.). i think i speak on behalf of the members here; if anyone disagrees, speak up.
that gator corp has been attacking me for the past few days as well ... even added a few folders into my favorites that made my IE automatically open when i turn my comp on (which my hubby spent hours finding all their hidden files in my C drive :lol: ) ... the solution was quite simple actually ... i blocked all cookies :D
well, here's the thing, im not allowed to download load anything else on this comp (per hubby's demand) ... he had to do a clean reinstall 3 times in the past month :lol:

im a MAC girl, im use to things working well and stable ... but i've been on this pc for a few months now and i despise it :x

just like u say chaseman "avoid the Gates of hell" :lol:
I use Firebird (best broswer for win32 machines imo) so I dont see the ads but I set it to leave the space blank if the ad is in the page, like the header here. I click on them every once in awhile. But a paypal link would be good. I know a few boards/sites that use it and they seem to get money not only from the members but lurkers. Turning on prompting of storing cookies is a good start to heading off the adware, though. Your effort Chase is appreciated.

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