Porcelain Doll....


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Aug 10, 2005
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Thanks for looking...

Actually...she looks more like a manequin.
I like the lighting and exposure...but ya, I'd like to see more light in the eyes.
She'd be a lot cuter if somebody would kill those spiders crawling across her eyelids! ;)

Seriously, this is a pretty good shot...great exposure, and good job getting a lower angle that isn't an up-the-nose shot.
awesome bace, the lighting is good, I didnt notice the eyes thing till after they commented on it, but now that I look back I'd have to say I agree.
I think it is just because of the artificial eyelashes that she looks like a mannequin or a porcellain doll. This - along with her pale make-up - give her this "artificial" look that was desired. If all this was the concept then I think you succeeded!

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