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Aug 1, 2007
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Houston, TX
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Does any one know of a good, cheap portable HD that works with no software installation. I believe that feature is known as "plug and play". I need atleast 100gb and would like it to cost less than $80 if at all possible. I figured being photo people and taking GBs of photos on a weekly or even, in some cases, daily basis this would be a good place to look. Any help is greatly appreciated. THANKS!
I have a couple W.D. USB powered externals for my laptops. A 80 and a 100 gig. Slightly larger and as thick as a pack of playing cards, they fit in a shirt pocket and have been flawless at image backup when downloading to laptops in the field.

BTW, got mine at (gasp) Wal-Mart.
I've had good business with Other World Computing.... Check them out


Disclaimer: ignore the fact that their domain says "macsales".. not trying to start PC versus Mac debate. They have a good selection of USB externals Harddrives, Firewire Harddrives, eSATA, as well as external cases... all of which is not mac or pc specific.

There are few options on their "specials" page as well.

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