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Apr 12, 2009
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Just taking a break from the studies and decided to get some input on some recent shots.

1. Song of Songs 4



3. HDR, Sky got really funky towards to upper right... Greenish Puke tint. Haven't really played with it in photoshop yet. But for now---- Here it is

4. First try at some portrait work with a friend.

5. With these next few shots of the little girl and baby... I had alot of issues with keeping the colors in the eyes. It seems like every shot turned their eyes so dark you couldn't see any color in them. Any help would be much appreciated.




9. Cheesy overdone Effects in PS, but I like the story none the less

Again, be real, be harsh. What you like and what you don't. And always, advice is much appreciated. Thank you for viewing.
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Enjoyed taking the photos of the kids and for the most part they colors turned out well. But I still can't figure out the eye issue... Natural light was all that was used and it was a fairly overcast day, but I feel like there was enough light to get detail. I used a fast shutter with a stomped down aperture because they were always moving. Maybe a longer exposure would have brought them out alittle more and with some post processing I could have toned down everything else. I'm not sure, advice would be great.
You could have popped up the flash (though you would have been shooting at 1/60th of a second no doubt), or perhaps get a reflector to get some light into her eyes.
Thank you for your response. Lighting seems to be my largest hill to climb in photography. I've tried using the flash on the camera but it always comes out harsh and overexposed. I'll just keep tinkering. Thanks
If the flash is coming out harsh and overexposed, turn down the ISO setting on your camera, and stop the aperture down. At 1/60th of a second (assuming thats your built in flashes sync-speed), its going to be quite a pickle being able to overpower the ambient light, and keep your subject well lit. However, it's not impossible. Of course, with the little one looking down, youre still going to have shadows. The onboard flash isn't TOTALLY useless, but in certain situations it can be crimped.
#7 is my favorite. Nice composition.
Has anyone used the adjustments brush in raw cs4... Just wondering if that would be an easy way to fix the dark eyes issue.

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