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Portrait of a Friend


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Dec 24, 2005
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Morning Coffee, he didnt notice me pull out the camera

Makes me wonder what he was looking at....
Good candid one! I like the glint in his eye :D.
Why this crop? Almost square? I think I'd have cropped in some from the right, too, but that's me and you decided for this kind of crop, that's why I'm asking.
There is a bit of a DeNiro thing going on there. :thumbup:
nice one, not sure i like the sepia-touch in it though, would like to see it straight-up b&w.

I picked that crop since it helps show more food or breakfast stuff on the table and less window = more focus on subject, I wanted to fill more frame with him, and there was an obnoxious chair on the left so I was stuck with the original shot slightly off center to begin with, I didnt want to move the chair and risk him being camera aware...

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