Portrait session in the park

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May 23, 2009
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Thanks for all of the help to those who gave constructive input!
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Nice work. Take more pics of your friend!
no pictures showing

Hm, try refreshing? They show fine on all of my computers and devices and it seems like everyone else is able to see them as well. What browser are you using?
I see one photo. 2-6 are blank.
no show on firefox and chrome $noshow.jpg
Figures... Pay $60 per year and their links don't even work...

I'll be contacting SmugMug and see what the problem is. This is BS.

Sorry guys, you can see them on my website in the meantime.
If it's any consolation... Three images are showing up for me now.
I've never had this problem with them before on any other forums... strange...

Let me know if it's better. I can personally see all 6 now but apparently what I see is a LIE! :lol:

I think I found the issue. Apparently some of the settings to keep my website galleries more secure interferes with the usage of the images, even for the owner.
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THe flash level might be a bit high for some peoples' taste...but it's not horribly objectionable to me. Shots 2,5,and 6 all fill up the frame with her. She's got a very physcially fit, alluring body shape, and you've used that to your advantage in shots 2 and 5 and 6. Her expressions seem just a wee bit uncomfortable, but she could probably do better in subsequent shoots. Your color rendering looks pretty good on the fleshtones, trees, and greenery. In shot 4, the flash-illuminated parts of the shot look a bit too "cool" for that natural sunset backdrop. I would be very tempted to put a weak orange filter gel over the front of the flash's Fresnel lens when shooting that close to sunset. I would most definitely work with this subject again!
Thanks Derrel! Can a gel be used in conjunction with an umbrella or soft box?

She has no experience in front of a camera and poses are one of my weak points, so the awkwardness was definitely my fault. It's something I am working on improving, and should hopefully see improvement in subsequent shoots.
Bump for the after-work crowd. I would really like to improve for my next shoot.
Expression on #1 is unflattering. As is the ear in #6.
#4 could be improved with use of a 1/2 CTO or full CTO gel on the flash.
I think these would be more appealing if there wasn't the constant emphasis on her breasts in every shot.
#3 and #4 our my favs... look very nice (even though you broke some rules / guidelines!) Watch the odd limb cutting. #4 would rock as a vertical crop.. just her.. less background (although her left cheek is really too dark)!

#6 would have been nice with her head not turned so sharply to her left.. maybe farther up the tree, so her head was supported a little more vertically.

That others just don't do it for me!
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