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Dec 13, 2008
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The garden city, New Zealand
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Here are a few of the better images I took in a recent portrait session I did for a friend.
Shot with:
Nikon D70
Sigma 35-70 1:3.3-4.5
C&C welcome



Thanks :)
Certainly the following is all opinion.

You have some nice environmental portraits here. The poses and compositions are pleasing if rather dated. The images are kind of small here but....

#1 is underexposed but the underexposure is fairly easy to fix post process, but it is always easiest to cover most of your exposure and compositional bases in the camera. I would crop a bit off the top. I would also do a version as a head and shoulders crop in a 4:5 aspect ratio (8x10).

#2 could have benefited from fill light to balance the bright background sky. If you have a new enough release of Photoshop you can open the image in ACR and adjust the Fill slider to accomplish that. It's unfortunate you cut off his lower leg. I feel there is a little to much space on the left so you might want to try some differnt crops on this one too.

#3 is also looks a bit underexposed and he is missing part of his hand and his elbow is out of frame. This has more of a candid feel rather than a portrait. The surf line? rocks, whatever it is there in the upper left corner could easily be a distraction from your subjects.

When it comes to portraiture, the devil is in the details....

I would say your 'eye' is adequet for now, but I can imagine the growth attainable with some thought, research and practice. :thumbup:
Ok here goes, hope ive taken all advice into account:



Just for context, there were taking as a Birthday present for their Mother.

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