Post-Processing My Eyes


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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Well, typically in a portrait, you want the subject to be looking at the viewer. I have a tendency to look elsewhere. Thought I would try my hand at post-processing my eyes looking away to looking forward. Now I'm thinking I just look evil.

Just a little psychotic, maybe! But I am not a good judge right now... too much tequila! ;)
In the first you look contemplative, but in the second one you look...well...criminally insane comes to mind. NOT a good look...
In the second, your eyes are pointing two different directions. That's why it looks wrong. The one on the left is turned inward too much. Looks like lazy eye. You might be able to make the second look right, if you turn that eye further outward. ;)
I would bag the edit. It looks like you are straining yourself.
Well, I will instead do another self-portrait with me looking at the camera then. Although for that look (in case for some reason, I'd want that look), I guess I have a technique to use...

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