Practicing with my new camera?


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Jun 27, 2010
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How do you guys think I should practice my new camera? Should I just go out and start experimenting or should I learn a bit about the camera first?

I have a Nikon Coolpix P90.
Read the book it came with. Yeah, this is a do what I say not as I do post, but hell, it's what I'm always told. Just passing the buck LOL
Agreed- read the manual front to back, go out and shoot a variety of pictures, and then read the manual again. Seriously.
The first thing that I would do on purpose for learning is to put yourself in a position to fail. Failure will make a person give up or figure out how not to fail.

Therefore take photos at dusk and keep going until you fail because it has gotten too dark. Strive to learn how to use the equipment to extend your shooting hours.

Also shoot a sports event start with them standing on the sidelines, progress to intense activity until you fail and the photos are all blurry. Strive to learn how to use the equipment to capture motion.

Start shooting a flower from 10 feet get closer and closer and closer until you fail to get a photo. Strive to learn how to get a very close up photo.

Just keep taxing your limits and you will either quit that particular activity because for your purpose it just is not worth your trouble. Which is a perfectly acceptable option by the way. for example: Some people just don't care about getting a photo after dark.
Or you will prevail and learn to get the most out of your equipment.

Good luck
Get outside and experiment....use the different auto modes, the use Manual and the light meter. You're lucky because digital has arrived and you can see your mistakes right away and learn from them. In the film days you would be spending a fortune on film and have to document each frame to know what you did, so go do it!.....check out this free website LearnMyShot - Photography Tutorials, Tips, Techniques & How To Videos it may's mine!!!
So what mode should I be using to practice with at first?

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