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president rosevelt estate


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Oct 9, 2007
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Harlem New York
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heres a few pics of it it was freezing i had no tripod and a point n shoot so ya hopefully if its warm sunday like they say i can do a real shoot,.



these buildings arent a quarter of the buildings there its HUGE. i cant wait to take some real shots.
where's the estate?
hyde park ny wanna date me i mean meet me there lmao. where in jersey u from my brothers live in jersey in matawan im there every weekend.
i currently live in edison by the border of metuchen.

im originally from westfield though.

is matawan on the water?
ya its on the water. its liek 15mins from old bridge township aka raceway park lol
ive driven through matawan but i didnt know if its actually on the water or just near it.

do you go to raceway often? ive never been...
Ahh you guys can meet at the finish line at the end of the drag strip with the sweet smell of burning rubber in the air as the sun sets in Old Bridge. :) I can do the engagement shots on the house for ya!!
thanks heck lol. and yes i go there often i have a BEAUTIFUL camaro :)
you now need to post pictures of your camaro. do you win often?
but do you guys do electric thats the question, 68 datsun roadster fully electric, ill post some pics.

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