price check on canon xsi


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Sep 10, 2010
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hey guys, quick question, I have a canon xsi with battery grip ( factory canon and only 3 weeks old ) and 18-55 kit lens, I have all the manuals and cables,cords, canon software cd ect that i was thinking about selling so I could get a 1d mark ii

every thing in awesome condition, the body has a tiny nick where it rubbed a zipper in my carrying bag and the 18-55 lens has a small speck of dust in the lens but you cannot see it when taking pix. the lens has a uv filter and a canon and an after market lens hood. the canon warrenty card comes with the camera as well and has not been filled out.

here is my two questions

whats a good price to let this go for ? I was honestly thinking 700 would be fair.

would going from an xsi to a 1d mark ii with only 8.9 mega pixels be an up grade or down grade in your opinion ?

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