Pricing for a Hospital...Commercial?

Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by robindesigns, Oct 25, 2009.

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    I have a job coming up with a local hospital. I met with the director of the mother/baby unit last week
    and they've hired me to do some photography work. I have no idea how to price
    this, as I've never done this before, and they didn't give me what their budget is... So here's what they want:

    Approximately 30 photo sessions: will be with either the staff person with their
    child, baby, or family. A few will be done outdoors as weather permits, but
    mostly in my studio. They want 5 proofs of each session to choose from. I think
    they are going to go with 30 prints, 1 from each session.

    Out of the images they choose, they will want prints to go on a wall that is
    36"x65.5". So a combination of 5x7, 8x10, 5x10, etc...whatever will fit nicely
    together...this is going to be a challenge for me! They want them mounted on
    either styrene or the new float wraps that whcc offers. I need to get one of
    those so I can show them the difference. They mentioned they might want to
    overlap the prints on the wall. Not sure how that will work or look. I think
    they are hoping to get 30 prints into that space.

    Also out of the images, they will choose some that they will need the digital
    negatives to send to their publisher for creating 3 different magazine type
    books. One book will be distributed to all the doctors/clinics in the area, one
    will be given out at birthing classes, and the other they will give out there to
    new parents. Each book is different, but they want photos throughout the books.

    I asked about advertising for myself and she said she would be happy to put my
    name or website into the books if I can give them a discount on my service. I
    have no problem with that!

    There's also the opportunity for future projects, as well as print sales from
    each of the families who might want to purchase prints for themselves.

    So my normal session fee is $125...30 sessions would be $3750. Digital images
    are $100, and prints of course depends on the sizes they order. Should I price
    it this way, then give them a discount? If so, how much of a discount? Or should
    I price it differently? Any suggestions? Would this be considered "Commercial"
    pricing and if so, should that be higher than my normal pricing?
    Please...anyone who can help me asap I would be so thankful. I have to get
    something to them this week and I don't know how this should work.

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    Yes, the job is commercial and unfortuntely, you've already made concessions that weaken your negotiating position.

    Frankly, it seems they have you at a distict disadvantage, and I'd be willing to bet they are fully aware of that, and intend to exploit it to their fullest benefit. The Photographer's Guide to Negotiating (9781581154146): Richard Weisgrau: Books

    They want to use your images to advertise. You should use a commercial business model and be selling a Creative Fee and Use Licenses for each of the 3 magazines they want to publish, rather than trying to use a retail photography business model.

    Contract writing help from a qualified local attorney (that does no work for the hospital) would be in order.

    The pricing for Use licenseing is based on how many advertising vehicles are used, how many of each publication they want to have printed, the size and number of your images in those vehicles, the geographic distribution and the length of time they want to use your images.

    Pro's who do commercial work often use software to help them set their prices; visit and look over the software package fotoQuote Pro.

    Next go to Licensing Guide | American Society of Media Photographers for a tutorial on licensing. The ASMP web site has even more information that will be helpful for you.

    I would suggest getting their book ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography | American Society of Media Photographers and John Harringtons book Best Business Practices for Photographers, Second Edition (9781435454293): John Harrington : Books

    Good luck with your new endeavor.
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    Thank you Keith. I will look into these.

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