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Mar 7, 2007
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I am working on a price list/info packet for next year. Obviously I need something that doesn't cost a fortune but stands out. I would like to know what you do for your price list and where you order them from?

I currently just have a 4.5x5 folded card but it is way to small.
You know what looks classy? A thin and long 2 fold brochure. I'm looking at one from my hair salon right now.

basically an 8.5x11 folded long ways...
Would look even better 8.5 x 14 I think.
It's just printed on shiny card stuff...
There are some pretty good deals to be found on 4 color printing if you look around. Have searched online for some low priced printing companies?
I was actually thinking about the long and thin cousins wedding programs were like that this past week :)

But, that isn't really something I can mail.

I am also looking at something that is 8.5x5.5, 4 pages/8sides. I guess you would say it is die-cut, each page is a little shorter than the one after. So it would show session, prints etc... sticking out on the side. If that makes since?

No I haven't looked at printers yet, well, kinda Kinkos.
I get all my stuff printed at They continuously offer great discounts, too, so keep checking back. :) I've never been disappointed with them.
i have not used vistaprint for brochures but now i'm thinking i may, and they are an awesome place to get this sort of service from, really cheap and they have tons of free deals
I just got cards from vista print. They had a sale and I got 250 for $3.99, love um!

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