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storing equipment


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Jun 30, 2005
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For those of us who have a medium to large investment in equipment, how do you store it. On a shelf, under lock and key? Out of site but easily accessible? In a safe? How do you best protect your investment, or do you bother.
I keep all my stuff in my camera bag next to my bed. My door has a kidproof handle on nit so my son can't get in.
I don't have much stuff...but it's my camera bag at the head of my head.
mines in my camera bag in my bedroom. ive been thinking about this lately as we are building a home studio down in our yard... i was wondering whether i could safely leave all my gear in the studio or if i should bring it up to the house after every use? arrrrggghhhhh! that would be a big pain. dont think anyone would survive if they jumped the fence into the jaws of our little pooch anyway but hubby said he will install a separate alarm system just to be safe. oh the dramas! x
I guess the reason I asked was I have a lot of "stuff". Not bragging, but I've collected a lot over these many years. I've only sold a few items, and every one of them I wish I hadn't. My older film cameras, mostly the cheaper ones I have in a display case. Sort of a vanity case that has from my first camera, a Argus C3, Miranda GT then the early Nikons through F4, D1, D1H and a D1X that needs a shutter. About 16 bodies that just don't get used much if at all. The lenses I do or might use are too many to list, over 1/2 are MF pieces that I really like. These, a studio Blad and it's 4 lenses, a F3, F5 and 4 digital bodies that I use are in a medium size gun safe in the studio. What I am currently packing around is in a pelican 1600 w/padlocks and in my home. Studio lighting, stands, cases, off camera strobes and PW's, bellows, most of the Hasselbalds, are just scattered everywhere. At times I feel like I'm practicing overkill with the safe and locked cabinets, and at other times the stuff not "put away" seems to take over and fill all available space.
Just thinking out loud, and a little bit of a rant. Does anyone else feel this way?
All of my gear is covered under my home owner's insurance...some of it on a separate rider. I don't leave it in my vehicle or out in the open...but don't I take any special precautions. For the most part, all of my gear gets put into my home office.

I have a bunch of cameras, from old to antique, that I plan to put on a display shelf or cabinet...but my primary gear is usually in a camera bag, ready to go.
Mine sits either in bags and/or on shelves in my office I did add an impressive security system. I moved my 140lb Rottweiler's bed into the office. Anyone breaks in I won't lose anything may gain a limb or two though. He's a real sweetheart unless he doesn't know you or no one in the family is around.
I'm still in love with my new toy, so she is in bed with me. Out here Cali way you can pick up those Pelican Cases at Fry's and tear out your own compartments. About $120

I also subscibe to the "spread it thin" Theory. I put a peice here, a peice there. If they want to come and clean up my house to find it, then I probably will come out ahead.
(But I still worry too)
a safe would be a good idea (expensive though) if you are working in a sort of studio set up i think. where more or less you'd have the main equipment (body, lens, so on..) out for basically all day and would then go to the safe during the day to get other lens or perhaps another body and then at the end of the day lock it up.
I just keep all my stuff in my camera bag. I usually leave it sitting somewhere convenient where I can grab it easily when I'm leaving (read, near the door). If we have visitors, especially ones with kids, I'll hide it somewhere.

My gear should be covered by my homeowner's insurance (theft), as long as it is in the house. Otherwise it's my loss (accidental drops, etc). I need to get some insurance on it soon me thinks.
heads up everyone....your gear is not covered by your home owner's/tenant insurance if you take pictures for money!!!! you need business insurance! dont find out the hard way. same goes for your computers/laptops....

my gear is stored in 3 bags...current use, switch off, and film gear...just in a closet, no extra security....but tripods, backdrops, lighting stand etc...can be foudn in various corners of my basement/house! ha
just wondering how would the insurance company know if you are making money? I could understand if you were a full out company but chances are then you are fully insuring your equipment anyways along with your studio
just wondering how would the insurance company know if you are making money? I could understand if you were a full out company but chances are then you are fully insuring your equipment anyways along with your studio

they have spies who can find this out if you challenge them.

But usually they won't know.

Either way, you aren't automatically covered anyways. you have to inform them of what you own...can't cover imaginary objects.

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