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Nov 10, 2009
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I have my website set up and have done a few portrait shoots and a wedding etc. I also have a prices page that lists what I charge by the hour for the photographer and then the cost of the prints seperate. How do you guys handle that? Do you say X amount is for the entire session and includes______ number of prints? Do you do it by the hour and then charge for the prints?

Do you typically say a session will last X amount of time for x amount of dollars with x amount of prints... just curious what you guys do.
I charge strictly by the hour for the work, products (whether digital files, prints, or whatever) are extra and priced separately. One thing I DON'T do is make any promises about how many prints, how long, etc. I will advise customers that for a typical six hour wedding shoot, approximately 'X' images can be expected, and that I can typically process about 6-8 images/hour, so how many final images they want is up to them.
That is the boat I am in right now with the exception of wedding where I provide a print credit. Thanks for letting me know. Any one else out there do something different?
Same here, hourly rate.

Would love to hear what others are doing as well.
Rather than selling prints, investigate charging by the pose. It fits well with what retail clients want today.
For weddings I have packages that tell the client how many hours they're getting me and what products are included. I do provide them a full set of proofs of the wedding-day photos, but I don't specify how many there'll be. Every wedding is different, and I can't predict how many I will shoot.

For portraits, I have a session fee that covers my time. All prints and products are ordered a la carte after the shoot. I don't tell clients how many proofs they'll see, but I do give them an estimate of how long the session will take. And to be honest, I've never had a client ask me how many proofs they'll see. I think it's more common to be asked that question with weddings rather than portrait sessions. I have various session fees for different types of sessions - like: studio one-outfit; studio extended (multiple outfits/backgrounds); location; studio and location combined, etc.
I try not to commit to an exact time for the session or how many images they will have to choose from. I will tell them when they book an average range that I know everybody will fall into one way or another. They basically pay based on the session options .. not the session length. Then later they pay for prints with a minimum package order before they can order individual prints and products.
right now i am offering a flat session rate and havent really limited how long it will take just how long they are willing to let me shoot. most of them are about an hour.

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