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May 1, 2006
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i've been trying to print boderless on a4 paper, using a canon i865. and i keep getting a white line on the top, a couple of cm's large.

How can i get it to print right?
Under the printers folder look at the properties of the printer and ensure that if there's a "borderless printing" box that it is ticked. Also check the margins and reduce them all down to 0".

Or if you mean that when you print a borderless image it doesn't print on the last couple of cm?

Then it is because of the way your printer detects the paper. It thinks it's got to the edge of the paper before it really has. The only answer to that is to tape an extra few cm of paper onto the end of the sheet you are printing on. If you are printing on photographic paper with a glossy back the strip will peel off once you've finished with it, but if the paper has a matt back you will need to cut the strip off and leave the tape on.
Just a thought, is your file actually the same size/ratio as an A4 (210 x 297) ?

If you are using a file that is 3:2 ratio, i.e. 6x4 8x12 etc it won't fill an A4 without:

a) cropping
b) leaving a gap

I hope this helps.


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