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Printing comes out pixelated.


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Mar 1, 2013
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I tried to print out a little photo book for a friend at the kodak shop, but for some reason the quality was not very good.... Came out pixelated, like I'd used a low resolution photo.

The shop said it wasn't their system, so not their fault. But the images were extremely high resolution, does anyone have any idea what could have caused it?

The photos were output from lightroom at 300PPI, aprox 5000x5000 resolution in sRGB colour space with low sharpening for print. They look completely fine on my screen, even zoomed in to 1:1. I don't think I did anything wrong here.... :/
I have had Fuji-based kiosk printing systems print the thumbnail image on multiple occasions, and the result was highly-pixellated images. One time I took in a CD with about 125 images and printed them, and about six were thumbnail images. They were so blocky they looked like Minecraft drawings.

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