Printing on Canvas using Epson 7600

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    Hello Artists and art lovers,
    I have just purchased a used Epson 7600. I am planning to use it printing high res
    painting on canvas that I will try to market inexpensively. My questions as as follow:
    1- Do I need custom profiles or are profiles needless for canvas printing?
    2- Where can I get cheap dye generic inks that will still give great results?
    3- Printer has Epson inks, almost full, 2 are almost empty, will I create any printing
    issues by mixing generic inks with exisiting Epson inks on the printer?
    4- Where can I get cheap canvas that can run through my printer that will still give
    good looking painting?
    Your help and time is mostly appreciated.
    Thank you

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    1) Yes, for accurate color you'll need custom profiles for your current batch of inks and media. Some media companies can supply you with a better profile then the default Epson ones, but nothing compares to a custom created profile.

    2) The inks are pigment based not dye based. Dyes are not archival, and will probably fade within 10 years. I can't recommend any cheap 3rd party inks for it.

    3) Yes, your color will be even more off, but as long as they are compatible inks it should not cause actual problems for the printer.

    4) Again I can't recommend a "cheap" canvas, but there are many, many inkjet canvases out there. A google search will net you a lot of results.

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