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Dec 31, 2008
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Albert Lea, MN
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I know the composition isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but I'd love your comments

What aperture did you use, I think you shouldve went for a little higher one.
Wow, f/25?! That may account for the softness I'm seeing -- your aperture is so small that diffraction has come into play. I probably would have shot that scene with f/10 or f/11 or so.

Alternately, having the aperture so small pushed your shutter speed to only 1/30 second -- there may have been camera shake going on instead.
You may be right, but diffraction blur at f25 is generally hard to see to see in an image this small - unless of course it's a big crop. I'm betting that your shutter speed comment is correct, plus:

What's bothering my eye is the strong chromatic aberrations in the trees and the blue shifted white balance – both of which are adding to the blur effect.
The sign seems a bit under exposed and I also find that orange thing distracting.

Maybe moving in closer and a slighty different angle might of helped?
You also seem to have alot of sky. While this can work ifyou have a dramatic sky, in this pictures, the sky is a bit blah.

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