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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by RowmyF, Nov 3, 2008.

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    I'm a family & portrait photographer and have been recently getting calls to do commercial stuff (fashion, and now 2 DJ's who need their CD cover & site photos)...

    I do not offer a CD w/ full resolution images to my regular clients but know that it's a different horse with commercial work.

    I wanted to get input from any of you who do such work on how you charge and how you work?


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    I am not a professional, but I play one on TV. :lol:

    Most people who do that decide what the cost of prints and whatever loss of revenue they would have via giving them the CD and use that as the approximate price.

    Whatever you do, make sure that you, as a pro, know what your time is worth, and then add the standard 30% markup for your time used for taking the shot as well as the PPing and what not, and from there on... it varies.

    Some add another 25%, some double that cost, some multiply it times 100... it all depends on what their local market can bear, how they perceive themselves in that market and what their reputation permits them to charge. This is something that you as a pro, should know (your local market and what it can bear and your perceived and actual value as a photographer, that is).
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    Think about a per hour rate plus rights for 1 year for print/web ads and 3 years for pub/promo shots.

    This can get really complicated really fast so try something simple to start. Try setting the rate by adding what you think it will cost to produce the work and then add what you need to make it worth your while and then multiply by 1.(what ever your tax rate plus ss/fica is).
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